Good news! I’m returning to LA on March 28th to finish making my new album with this amazing bunch of people – James ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, Tony Braunagel, Diego Twanguero Garcia and Johnny Lee Schell.
Even more excited to share it’ll be co-produced by my great friend, Hutch. The man who sowed the seed in my head and made it all happen.
I’ve much to say about this project. It’s the result of two life changing journeys in the US that started last August on a train from Chicago to San Francisco, and then continued on the road throughout California in August and November.
Each trip brought new challenges, new connections, random acts of kindness, great friends, lots of serendipity, and from all of that – songs. I came home a changed person with a bit of a mission. Much more to say, but not yet.
For now, I’m feeling positive. There’s too much division in the world. It’s time to connect and open up hearts – so what better way to do it than with music?