The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No. 11: ‘Don’t Go Taking The Boy’ (Song for Jeff)

So here I am with my last session of the year: a very special one since I’m debuting a new song!

Today is my birthday, and a few days later it’s the birthday of my musical hero Jeff Buckley. I thought to myself,  what better way to celebrate than write him a song.  And so I did, it’s called ‘Don’t Go Taking The Boy’.

You can watch 2 versions, one with the background story,  and one just with the song.

With the story:
No story:

Thank you so much for tuning in each week, for the feedback and the support. In this busy world it’s a rare thing to know people take the time to listen.

Sending love and musical rockets to you all…have a great rest of the year.