Portrait No.2 finished – Tom Hardy

Finished, portrait No. 2, Mr Tom Hardy.  It was taken from a black and white photo (if only he’d sit for me..) but I feel like I brought him to life a bit. Still loving this painting lark and thinking about who to paint next – music loves or screen loves. Or both? We’ll see. Oil on canvas, 35cm x… Read more →

Interview on KPSQ (Arkansas Community Radio)

Hey all – today/tonight I’ll be on an hour long radio show hosted by a talented, young musician friend of mine called Ted Hammig. Ted played various tracks from ‘Wooden House’ and we had an hour long natter about all things musical. He’s a great interviewer, so if you want to hear some unheard insights, tune in. Or if you… Read more →

Life in the studio

In case you’re wondering what’s been going on in the Wooden House lately, here’s the first result: old master version of Clint Eastwood. Last time I painted was in 1992, so I wasn’t even sure if I could do it anymore, but it turned out OK and I’m loving it. Feels like my head has been re-opened to colour. More paintings coming… Read more →

Make my day punk

So I haven’t painted in oils since art school (a long, long time ago) but thought I’d begin with something fun. Here’s an almost finished Clint Eastwood, one of my all time idols. He’s the man. Promise to record and sing something soon….once I’ve got painting out of my system.   Read more →

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No.9: ‘Fall/Come Sit Down’ (Holly Lerski)

Happy Sunday everyone, This week I’ve gone all 3/4 time on you with of mashup of 2 songs of mine, both requested. The first song, ‘Fall’, was requested by Benji B. It was written in my teens in 4/4 time, and somehow ended up on the second Angelou album ‘While You Were Sleeping’ in 3/4 time.  The second song, ‘Come Sit Down’, was… Read more →

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No. 8: ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’ (Van Morrison/Jeff Buckley cover)

It’s Sunday and time for the 8th Sunday session – hallelujah! This week I couldn’t resist missing the opportunity to sing my lungs out to a favourite song of mine: Van Morrison’s ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’. My version’s closer to Jeff Buckley’s, since it was his version I heard first (Jeff being my Elvis and all that, in case you didn’t know). Be warned, there’s lots of wailing…but… Read more →