Live from the Wooden House

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No. 10: ‘Four String Serenade’ (Mazzy Star / Arthur Lee)

Hi everybody, Greetings from a very cold Everglades of the East (a.k.a. Norfolk, England). This week I’ve been busy writing a new song I’m hoping to debut in my final session next week. But for now, in my penultimate 10th Sunday Shed Revival,  I have for you a four string version of the Arthur Lee / Mazzy Star song ‘Five String Serenade’ played… Read more →

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No.9: ‘Fall/Come Sit Down’ (Holly Lerski)

Happy Sunday everyone, This week I’ve gone all 3/4 time on you with of mashup of 2 songs of mine, both requested. The first song, ‘Fall’, was requested by Benji B. It was written in my teens in 4/4 time, and somehow ended up on the second Angelou album ‘While You Were Sleeping’ in 3/4 time.  The second song, ‘Come Sit Down’, was… Read more →

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No. 8: ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’ (Van Morrison/Jeff Buckley cover)

It’s Sunday and time for the 8th Sunday session – hallelujah! This week I couldn’t resist missing the opportunity to sing my lungs out to a favourite song of mine: Van Morrison’s ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’. My version’s closer to Jeff Buckley’s, since it was his version I heard first (Jeff being my Elvis and all that, in case you didn’t know). Be warned, there’s lots of wailing…but… Read more →

The Holly Lerski Shed Revival No. 4 – ‘Everything Is Free (Gillian Welch)

Happy Sunday Everyone, it’s Sunday Shed Revival Day – yay! So I’m 4 sessions into my autumn run now. As promised I’m taking requests, and this week Gillian Welch was suggested.  Well I do like a bit of Gillian Welch and David Rawlins, and this particular song is one of my favourites: ‘Everything Is Free’. So I picked up my banjo,  started my noodling, and this… Read more →