New Album

Last year saw the completion of Holly’s 4th studio album.

Recorded independently over 2 years in her garden shed on an old Macbook, the 10 track album was finally put to bed with the aid of wunderkind producer/mixer and folk artist Stu Hanna (Megson) in June of this year.

Showcasing 10 new tracks, all true to form, a release date is set for spring 2015.

Blanc Biehn Productions

Whilst recording has been taking place Holly’s songs have been picked up by Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel, The Victim) and Michael Biehn’s (Terminator, Aliens, The Divide) film company Blanc Biehn Productions for various films including Hidden In The Woods, The Girl,  Altered Perception and Treachery.

More news on release dates when we get them, for now go visit Jen & Michael’s BB Basement here to find out more: